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Mission Statement

It is our mission at Henry J. Winters School to provide a safe environment that is focused on teaching, learning, and application of 21st century skills in order to prepare our students for college or a career. 


To ensure your child has the most productive and successful school year at Henry J. Winters Elementary School, please review our Winters Wildcat Expectations with your child. These expectations will help your child learn what is academically and behaviorally expected from all students at our school. To view them, click on the Winters Wildcat Expectations under the Information page at the top of this page.

Please remember, all students are expected to be in school no later than 9:00AM every day in order to have a productive day of learning.

Students are strongly encouraged to log onto IXL.com everyday at the link below from their home computers to practice their math concepts and skills.  Students are also encouraged to log onto Accelerated Reader (A.R.) at school to take their quizzes to earn points for books they read.  Students have been given Usernames and Passwords by their teachers.

Please don't forget to bring in all saved Box Tops and Campbell Soup labels to school!


School Information
  • School Hours
    Monday – Friday 9:00AM – 3:10PM

    Doors open for breakfast at 8:40AM

  • Kindergarten Students Only
    Start school on Tuesday August 29, 2017 at 10:00AM
  • Interim Principal
    Mrs. Maria SanMartino-Clinton
  • MTSS Coordinator
    Mrs. Barbara Savella
  • Secretary
    Mrs. Alba Steiner
Message from our Principal

Dear Winters families,


I hope you have all enjoyed a restful and fun summer, and that your are excited for a great school year at Winters. I am very excited to be the new interim Principal at Winters Elementary as I was previously Cunningham’s Assistant Principal. I look forward to meeting the students the first day of school. School will begin Tuesday, August 29th at 9AM and end at 3:10PM. There will no longer be supervision before school but we will open at 8:40AM for breakfast for students.

Please check our website (http://pawtucket.winters.schooldesk.net/) for updates throughout the year. I will be posting the class lists on the first day of school so that your student can double-check his/her classroom.  On the first day, each teacher will hold a sign with their name clearly listed so that your student can find his/her teacher easily.  All students will enter the front door.  Please call if you have any questions about the first day.  


Make sure you ask your students about our Four P’s program at our school. The Four P’s stand for “Be Polite. Be Prompt. Be Prepared. Be Productive.” It is a big part of our school culture and will be focused on throughout the year.


Follow our Winters family on Twitter - our Twitter handle is @WintersWildcats. We will tweet fun updates and pictures every week to keep you informed about what happens at our great school.  


Thank you for your support, and enjoy the rest of your summer.




Maria SanMartino-Clinton

Interim Principal

School Announcements

    For the safety and welfare of our students, please be advised that children can NOT be dropped off or left unattended before 8:40AM on school grounds.  There is no supervision available before 8:40AM.  Thank you for your cooperation in this very important matter! 

  • Henry J. Winters School Open House
    We welcome all parents/guardians of Henry J. Winters students to our annual Open House on Tuesday, September 19th from 6:00PM - 8:00PM.
  • Student Accident Medical Insurance Protection
    Student Accident Medical Insurance Protection is available for purchase for any parents/guardians who are interested.  Please click on the following link for more information:


    Student Accident Medical Insurance Protection

  • Accelerated Reader and IXL.com
    Boys and girls:  Remember to log onto Accelerated Reader (AR) at school every time you finish reading a book to take your quiz to earn points.  We are looking forward to honor those students with the points they have earned on our Accelerated Reader board in the main entrance of our school.  Keep on reading!


    Also, remember to practice your math skills and concepts every day using IXL.com! 

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